Cooking Classes
Cooking classes are held at the Nourished Kitchen in Palmer, AK.  Classes are limited to a fixed number of participants.  If you would like to schedule and host an event with your friends, please call to arrange a time and date.  Recipes and information are shared at each event and once we have prepared the food, we sit down family style to enjoy our creations!  Hands on food preparation and skill building. 
SIGN UP TODAY through e-mail or call!  I will contact you to confirm your reservation and give you further details.
Our evening class feature a hands-on cooking experience using all the tools you need to create a delicous meal!
  Winona Benson: Health Coach, Nutrition Educator, and graduate of Rouxbe Online Cooking School will take you on a culinary adventure! 
A Dining Experience Created By You!

What's Cooking with Winona?

Learn to prepare new dishes, experiment with new techniques, and experience a night out that is nourishing to your body and soul! 
A delightful experience with your special someone, your friend, family member, or even cooking along side a new acquaintace!  Custom classes can also be held in homes with prior arrangement (spaces must be pre-approved for space and safety). 
Recipes and nutritional handouts are available at each session.


Upcoming Classes​

  1. Morbi nunc odi
    Indian Dishes & Spices
    January 19th
    Indian foods are rich with color, spices, and delightful aromas! Join us in the kitchen for a night filled with flavors that define Indian cooking. Prepare yourself for a night of fun and learning! 6-9 $60.00
  2. Morbi nunc odi
    Thai Cooking Class
    October 26th
    In this hands-on class you will be making a delicious Thai meal with fresh ingredients and authentic flavors! 6:00-9:00 $60.00
  3. Christmas Cusine
    December 8
    Christmas recipes will be shared during this cooking class. Christmas can be healthy and delicious! Join us in the kitchen learning new recipes to share at your holiday gatherings this year! $60.00 6-9
  4. Morbi nunc odi
    Middle Eastern Cooking
    November 17
    Middle eastern dishes are often vegetarian and use ingredients such as olive oil, chickpeas, beans, lentils, and vegetables. Join us for this hands on cooking class as we explore the flavors and spices of the Middle East. $60.00 6-9pm

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See what people are saying about Winona's cooking classes...

Great food with great people and an awesome teacher!
~Ryan & Adair Harman
My experience was very nice!  The class has a very relaxing atmosphere with great instruction.  Definately hoping to make another class!​ ~Kenna Loyer

Thank you for helping me learn about herbs and other enhancing flavors.  Brilliant ~The Brauners
​If you cook for your family already or not, these classes will be taylored to fit your experience.  The atmosphere is beautiful!  Thank You!
- Melissa Brauner

​Winona is entertaining, unshakable, and indefatigable in the kitchen.  Her demonstrations and menu choices are ones that you could actually try at home, which is fantastic. And, they don’t take a hours of time or require hard to find ingredients.  Her knowledge, energy, and interest in nutrition and her students enthuses you to go home and stretch your boundaries in the kitchen. What a delightful, informative, fun and delicious evening. Thank you, Winona for a memorable evening. We will absolutely ‘get cooking’ some of the fabulous recipes we prepared tonight! ​~Jan Newman
​Nice way to end the week!  Socializing, eating & Learning!  I loved it!  -Teri Richards
​I absolutely love these classes.  I always learn something new.  The food is always amazing and the group is always good company.  Can't wait for the next class!  -Adair Harman
​Inidian Cooking Class:

I had a great time with many friends creating a spicy dish.  I'd love to learn even more techniques.

​Tonight's class was very enjoyable, I learned not to be afraid of trying new vegetables and spices.

​My favorite part of the evening was cooking, visiting with other guests and then eating!

​I learned a lot and enjoyed the class.  I learned how to make a great kale salad and how to get the seeds out of a pomegranate!
​I learned new ways to prepare some common and also not so common vegetables.  This class is a fantastic way to familiarize yourself with a healthier way of cooking.  You learn abut the food you are preparing and what is good for you , and it tastes amazing!
- Megan Peters

​I really enjoyed the class , the healthy ingredients, and using so many vegetables.  I loved cooking healthy food with my family.  I hope to incorporate healthier cooking in our everyday life with my children. 
-Anneliese Cooper

​Vegetables can be good AND interesting!  I ate more vegetables tonight than ive eaten in weeks and they were wonderful!  I'll definately use these recipes again!   I feel healthier already!  - Anne Moen

​Tonight was educational, entertaining & satisfying!  Divine dining experience, comfortable atmosphere and I left with all my fingers and thumbs in tact!  Thank you for teaching me how to chop like the T.V. chefs. - Rachael Jensen

​I loved it!  The class was fun and educational!  Thank You! Nancy Weatler

​This evening was fun and informative.  Winona's cooking class is fun and a great way to spend an evening - and the food was awesome!
​-Redona Grazio

​I highly recommend these cooking classes to anyone.  You will benefit geatly, especially with your health!  The food was delicious too!  - Christynne T.

​I learned how easy it is to prepare fresh spices and fresh vegetables.

Fresh spices and vegetables when cooked right are fantastic!  My favorite part was learning about nutrition.

I highly recommend Winona's classes. She shares her knowledge of foods and their benefits.  The class sizes are small and personal.  The classes are held at a beutiful B&B that is owned by a lifelong Alaskan.  Winona is inspirational.
-Lorrie and Larry Dreese

I absolutely love how you teach, your patience, your guidance, the variety of foods.  I love larning new techniques of how to prepare food and new recipes.  -Dwan Jones

The date night cooking class was so fun and informative.  Very nice intimate setting, great people and we absolutely loved larning new ways to use healthy ingredients and make them taste delicious! - Chris and Christine Aumick

It was a great evening.  Learned several new cooking techniques and the food was yummy! The class shared great information about nutritional programs and the instructor, Winona, made the class fun! - Ashley

​My experience was amazing! This was one of the most fun nights of cooking I've had.  Winona is an amazing teacher.  Her class was so enjoyable and insightful. - Emily Rosser

​My experience was absolutely fabulous!  I had a really fun time!  Winona was awesome! She was funny and the class was very enjoyable. - Amanda Sparks

​Great nutrition education mixed with fun!  I enjoyed the variety of vegetables, learning how to heat and grind spices, and I would definately recommend these classes!
​Lisa Marquiss

​I really enjoyed the Moroccan class!  The use of varied vegetables not typically used was great.  My favorite part of the evening was the relaxed learning experience and the use of spices!  Jacquie Parker

​Winona does health conscious cooking to help the body heal and loose weight! - Jeanie

​I enjoyed this class very much.  I learned about mixing spices and toasting them, and some new cooking techniques as well.  The food was delicious!  Learning about nutrition, cooking techiques, and working with fun people was a great way to spend my evening! -Ellie Walz

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