Grocery Store Tour

 Learning to shop with a purpose gives you a plan, and planning leads to success!
You will also be taught about ways to save money while shopping.  Healthy eating doesn't have to break the bank!  
Hidden fats, sugars, and chemicals can lead to disease and being able to identify them can save you sickness, energy, and money spent at the doctor!
Portions, nutrients, and selecting quality food choices are all covered in this educational and informative 1.5 hour tour. 

The average grocery store carries over 40,000 items, it's no wonder it can be so confusing!
During this tour, you will gain confidence in choosing foods that will benefit you and your family!
As we move through the different sections of the store you will learn about the different vegetables and how to use them in simple recipes.  You will learn what to look for on a food label and how to look for hidden ingredients that are not ideal for health.  

You will be educated on some of the marketing techniques used within the store - misleading food claims, and product placement.