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Nourishing Solutions for Workplace Wellness

Nourished Health Coaching Services offers worksite health and wellness programs that provide significant benefits for companies and employees.  

How the company benefits:

 - decrease healthcare costs
 - lessen the need for unscheduled leave
 - increase productivity
 - improve employee engagement
 - advance recruitment and retention
 - enhance company brand and culture
 - reduce workers compensation and disability management claims cost

How the employees benefit:

 - improve health and well-being
 - reduce risks for developing preventable chronic diseases
 - increase self-esteem and awareness
 - decrease health related expenses

tailored programs to fit your workplace

Wellness Offerings

Whether you are looking for a series of classes, a long-term wellness contract, or a lunch & learn event, we have courses and resources to support your workplace wellness goals. 

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Let's talk about toics that produce change

Wellness Topics 

eating for energy
meal planning
healthy snacks
smart shopping at the grocery store
decoding the food label
weight loss with whole foods
overcoming sugar cravings
stress reduction on the job
your blood never lies
breath and body balance at work
(please feel free to present a topic of interest)

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Special Events

Going beyond the workspace

 Taking health and nutrition to the next level, special events immerse attendees in hands-on participation and in-depth learning

Cooking Classes

Team building a delicious way!  
Cooking together as a team can build cohesion and productivity.  
12 participants per class
(6 minimum)
$65 per person

Wellness Retreats

Wellness retreats for employees will provide the perfect healthy getaway for professionals to reboot and return to work a happier and more productive employee!
(Tailored for group needs, price TBD)

Event Speaking

Winona is also available for motivational presentations for conferences, corporate or charity events, and health fairs.